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FEBRUARY 6   2017

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Return to the Bitter End

September, 2014 


GUNHILL ROAD returned to where it all started, Paul Colby's legendary Greenwich Village club, THE BITTER END for a one night show. The SOLD OUT crowd was treated to classic songs from the band's first two albums, as well as new ones from their just released reunion album EVERY 40 YEARS.


August  2014 

GUNHILL ROAD'S first two albums are now available for download at iTunes and Amazon! 

Back in the Studio

November, 2013


Returning to the studio after almost 40 years, Gunhill Road recorded a new album- a collection of new music and songs that before were only performed live.


Musicians Glenn Leopold, Steve Goldrich, and Paul Reisch belted out nineteen songs for a new album to be released later in 2014. They were joined by singer Julia D'Amato, drummer Terry Silverlight and organist Paul Schaffer to bring new life to old songs like Selling Apples and All the Children as well as introduce new music written by Glenn Leopold and Steve Goldrich.

The Reunion

November 4, 2011


Paul Colby, owner of The Bitter End and long time manager of Gunhill Road, is honored by Outpost in the Burbs and spurs the band to reunite after 36 years apart.


Hosted by famed emcee Pete Fornatale of WNEW-FM,  musicians Paul Stookey & Peter Yarrow, Garland Jeffreys, Rob Stoner, Happy Traum, Buskin & Batteau and James Maddock performed to a sold out crowd to benefit Outpost in the Burbs humanitarian efforts.

Gunhill Dog

NME March 2023


Zoe easily captured the hearts of all the band members.

She will be receiving all the royalties from the new album.