Glenn Leopold


A native New Yorker, Glenn taught himself guitar with a Beatles songbook at age 14, and began singing and songwriting as soon as he had calluses. Six years later, he had become a prolific songwriter, known for his compelling melodies and incisive lyrics. A solo gig at The Bitter End, coalesced into GUNHILL ROAD when Glenn's childhood friend, Steve Goldrich, began accompanying him on piano and singing harmony.

Besides writing songs and performing, his favorite things are eating (especially spicy food), reading (horror, mystery and science fiction), movies (horror, mystery, suspense, sci-fi), traveling (any place with good food!) and long beach walks with his wife Alison. He likes puns, hummingbirds, granola, raspberries, tamales, fried clams/oysters, jazz and chiles. He doesn't like wool, cold weather or yams. Playing with GUNHILL ROAD again is even better than butterscotch pudding with salted caramel!


Steve Goldrich

Before he starting banging on the pots and pans at his grandparents’ apartment, Steve knew he wanted to be a musician, though it seems doubtful he could even pronounce the word.  He moved to piano when it became painfully clear that it was hard to sing along to the drums, and more importantly, as he says, “The piano was a lot lighter to carry.” 


His passions include animals (he has four cats ), gardening, music, movies, food, and people. He has also been surrounded by much love and encouragement from his wife Leslie, and his sons Eric and Spencer. Unlike Glenn, he does like yams and cold weather, but shares his disdain for wool. For Steve, GUNHILL ROAD was “the experience of a lifetime, and re-uniting is the experience of another.”





Paul Reisch

 Just one listen to "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and Paul was hooked on the guitar. He's been playing it ever since. Originally from upstate New York, following his guitar bug has taken Paul to different places around the country, and for a period in the early 70's brought him to Gunhill Road. He says, "It was a truly unique experience not repeated in my career until now with our reunion - which is even better the second time around.


Paul currently lives on Long Island with his long-time girlfriend Cathy. To get away from it all he says, "There's nothing like a good Bossa Nova, or a good book, or long bike rides, or maybe a tasty lobster roll. And of course, playing guitar."


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