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“Idiots” is an advance track from GUNHILL ROAD’s forthcoming fifth album. The song is catchy, provocative and packs a powerful punch.








Enhanced by its captivating music video, “Idiots” is whimsical – while, at the same time, chillingly serious. An ear worm with a take-away!


GUNHILL ROAD has been writing and recording a wide variety of songs contained in four albums since the late-sixties, including the 1973 top 40 hit single, “Back When My Hair Was Short.” The group’s colorful history was the subject of a 2017 feature film documentary titled “Every 40 Years.”

Formed in Mount Vernon, New York by Steve Goldrich and Glenn Leopold 











and named after an iconic street in the Bronx, GUNHILL ROAD has grown through several musical and personnel chapters for more than a half century and is still

going strong to the delight of its dedicated fan base.

An FM progressive rock radio favorite in the early 70s, GUNHILL ROAD has evolved into a modern musical organization with an eclectic internet following – continually writing new music and exploring a wide variety of genres.

GUNHILL ROAD songs address such compelling themes as relationships, aging, politics, animal welfare, personal loss and spirituality.

The current core of GUNHILL ROAD includes four principals: co-founder, Steve Goldrich (piano, vocals, writing); longtime member, Paul Reisch (guitar, vocals, writing); veteran Broadway instrumentalist, Brian Koonin (guitar, vocals, writing); and radio legend, Michael Harrison (vocals, writing). Backup horns, strings, percussion and assorted instruments are provided by some of the nation’s most outstanding studio musicians and concert performers.

Welcome to the music of GUNHILL ROAD! Check out the groups’ recordings, past and present. And stand by for the forthcoming Fall release of its fifth album.

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To listen to our latest album ‘What Year Is This!’


sign in to your Spotify or Pandora accounts and listen for free (occasional  commercials)

sign in to your Amazon Unlimited Music, or Apple Music accounts and listen

go to What Year Is This! - YouTube to listen on YouTube

go to I Know You're Real (Spoken Version) by Gunhill Road - YouTube to see  and hear the video for       Michael’s version of our song ‘I Know You’re Real’

go to What Year Is This! by Gunhill Road on Amazon Music - to  purchase a hard copy CD or   digital mp3s

use Apple iTunes to purchase digital mp3 downloads

It’s wonderful to have our music available for everyone.

Just listen and enjoy.

Visit Gunhill Road - YouTube to hear and see all our music, and more.


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